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The surfaces of Wacom signature pads are extremely robust. A long-term test with Wacom’s STU-530, mid 2014 by the SGS Group Germany, showed that even after 500,000 signatures, there were neither visible scratches nor damages on the tempered glass guarding the LCD screen.

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Endurance test confirms Wacom Signature Pad surfaces are extremely robust. Infact Wacom STU-530 glass surface remains maintenance-free after 20 years.

Hundreds of electronic signatures are frequently made on signature tablets every day. An endurance test on the Wacom STU-530 Pad confirms that modern input surfaces are extremely robust. Even after 500,000 signatures, the hardened glass covering the LCD screen of the device weighing just 289 g showed no visible signs of scratches or damage.

The investigation by the SGS Group, the world's leader in inspection, testing, verification and certification, revealed that the quality of the glass surface of the Wacom pads was virtually the same as before the hardness test. Signature Pads have extremely long service life Wacom Signature Pad users can therefore assume that the devices will work problem-free for a long time. Based on the typical use of Signature Pads, the SGS endurance test revealed a lifetime of 20 years without damage to the signature area, i.e. if a signature is made around a hundred times a day on the Wacom STU-530 to authorise payments or accept deliveries, the input surface will remain maintenance-free for two decades.

Signature Pad has undergone intensive testing In order to test the surface quality of the Wacom Signature Pad, SGS created a realistic test environment (see Photo). Various signatures and signature styles were manually copied and written over the entire surface of the LCD screen.

The pressure of over 500,000 signatures corresponded to the typical behaviour of people. The initial status and the results during and after the test were documented as photographs and via laser scanning microscopy.

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