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Architecture and Security

Major Guarantee Points with Graphosign

The architecture is developed in order to install the Graphosign Software on a mobile or fixed workstation.

For external signature pads, the biometric data are transferred in a coded mode. Graphosign has been specially devised for fixed workstation solutions and for mobile solutions, using latest generation devices, i.e. PC tablets and signature pads respectively, with operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Android fitted with capacitive touchscreen and stylus pen able to take the pressure (the list of certified models is available on our website under the section “Available Devices”).

Namirial S.p.A. has given a special attention to the security of the captured biometric data. While the signer is subscribing, all dynamic and static biometric data featuring his/her signature are managed through secure transferring and coding systems. Once the signer has confirmed his/her signature, the solution calculates the document’s print, and the biometric data are coded and stored together with the information on the operator charged to identify the signer.

Graphosign has an advanced module of forensic verification of the graphometric signature specifically devised for handwriting experts, which enables to decode and visualize the biometric data, to view the relative image and main reference points, (position, speed, pressure and acceleration), and to compare them in the presence of the document’s signer when subscribing his/her signature on the tablet.


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