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Electronic Signature Solution – Graphometric signature

Namirial is focused on solutions for embedding handwritten biometric signatures in signed documents even in combination with digital signatures.

Graphometric Signature - Electronic Signature Solution on a tablet

Signing with your hand is the oldest and most familiar gesture of all times. It has overcame age, cultural, technological and behavioural  differences. It is a truly global gesture.
The process of signing a digital document on a tablet with your own hand allows to eliminate the paper original for all those documents where a signed paper copy is required by law.
The document is born digital and stays digital its whole life. This brings concrete savings to adopters and decrease the impact on the people who sign documents.

What is GraphoSign

Graphosign is Namirial’s certified Graphometric Signature Solution. It is an Advanced Electronic Signature process, born to be compliant with all Italian and European regulations, whose main feature lies in having a Certification Authority (C.A.) and a front-line employee (client services desk, sales personnel…) that recognize and certificate the end signer.
This procedure satisfies the requirements of identity recognition as well as integrity and consistency of the electronic document .
The process aims to replicate the paper workflow, even strenghtening it, using law compliant instruments without introducing critical elements, with special attention to Privacy matters.
The process is ISO27001 certified

Graphosing enables real and full dematerialization processes: the document is digitally created, the graphometric signature is subsequently affixed and the documents is then digitally filed for archiving in compliance with the current law, thus avoiding all scanning and archiving costs (so often underestimated but so important in monetary terms).
Therefore, the benefits are:


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